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Welcome to Guatemala!

Chabad Pedro Tourist InfoThe picturesque village of San Pedro La Laguna which the natives called “The place of the eternal spring”, located within the valley surrounded by mountains on the banks of the famous Lake Atitlan.

Many tourists visiting San Pedro enjoy the landscape, atmosphere and scores of attractions that the region can offer to travelers. Including horseback riding, hiking, riding motorcycles, coffee tours, Spanish lessons and more … but non of those words can summarize the experience of visiting this magical place. Family, warmth and help you get visitors at the Chabad House San Pedro than any words can describe an experience.

The kosher restaurant, meetings with other travelers, Shabbat together, free internet and coffee and much more travelers services the Chabad house has to offer,
Those are the things that makes the Chabad house in San Pedro a major travelers and backpackers point of attraction in Guatemala.

Chabad of San Pedro maintains close relations with village officials, and maintaining good and honorable contacts with key people in San Pedro, including the mayor, welfare associations, travel agencies and businessmen.

As part of the cooperation between local welfare organizations and Chabad, with the aid of the local travelers we are organizing volunteering groups for important causes such as: maintaining and cleaning the lake, aiding a local school and more.

Chabad’s activities in San-Pedro and in the region are very well appreciated, As a Jewish traveler you are representing us, please represent us in the way which is appropriate for Jews.

You can find Map of Pedro in this link

See you soon,
The Chabad of San Pedro, Guatemala.

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