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All week, all year, everyday we work at Chabad San-Pedro, we are an non stopping organization.
We reach all sectors of the local community and thousands of tourists arriving to San-Pedro.
At Chabad House San-Pedro you can take part in classes, social activities and participate in the great – “do God an apartment in the physical world.”

here, some of the services that we offer at San Pedro La laguna.

  • Synagogue
  • Kindergarten
  • Kosher restaurant and shop
  • Shabbat and holiday meals
  • Private Judaism classes
  • Operation “Tefillin”
  • Discounts on attractions and hotels for travelers
  • Checking Tefillin and Mezuzot
  • Classes for Bar-Mitzvah
  • Holiday activities
  • Jewish Marriage
  • Youth Activities
  • Search & Rescue hikers, travelers assistance in Central America
  • Social activities
  • Receiving packages from home
  • Free Internet and telecommunications services
  • “Chabad traveler” in Central America and Caribbean
  • Mikveh
  • Briet-Mila (circumcision)
  • Kosher Catering Services

Imagine a world in which there was no sense of right and wrong. Imagine a world without the concept of justice or system of law, without the family unit or moral and ethical values.

Does it seem frightening? Perhaps a little too real? Such a society did once exist. Self-centered, grasping, cruel. A society set to self-destruct 4000 years ago, in the great flood.

Out of its demise, a new world was born beginning with Noah and his sons. G-d entrusted them with a Code of Life, a set of laws on which a new civilization could be built.
This code of seven fundamental laws is so far-reaching that it gives structure and scope to life for all time, guiding mankind to realize his highest potential as a being created in the image of G-d.

The 7 Universal Laws

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