Kosher Catering

Kosher CateringBecause of the great demand for a catering service in the area of the nationwide, and because we are the only kosher restaurant in the whole area, the Bet Chabad is opening a special catering service.

This service offers kosher food every day of the week.

Providing good quality fresh food in Guatemala is problematical. However in the Bet Chabad, in addition to the high level of kashrut, the level of hygiene is also very high.

The rich menu is of the highest quality and satisfies the highest level of kashrut.
The meat is Glatt Bet Yosef and is fresh and of the highest quality.
The service is provided by appointment only with at least twenty four hours’ notice needed, so we can meet your needs.

For menus and orders please get in touch with us

You can find Map of Pedro in this link

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