How to get here?

You can reach the “Bet Chabad” from several directions

From the airport:

Taxi. This costs about $100 and the journey lasts about 4 hours. (The
Bet Chabad can order the taxi for you)

Taxi and shuttle service. You take a taxi to Antigua and from them a
shutle service. This is cheaper that a taxi all the way.

From Antigua:

A direct shuttle to the village. The cost varies from
Q60 to Q80

From Mexico:

A shuttle service leaves every morning from San Cristoval to San Pedro.
The journey lasts about 10 hours and costs 300 pesos.

From Panajachel:

A boat from the port of Panajachel to San Pedro. Take care to get on the
direct boat only. It costs about 25 Q.

The Bet Chabad is on the center of the village.

Next to the central port and the place you get off the shuttles and
opposite the “tuktuk” station, in the center of the village.

Center map
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